Program Outline

This program has six units. These cover all the techniques and skills you will need to establish yourself in your new career

The System
We will dispatch the first units as soon as you enroll in the program. Subsequent instruction sets units will reach you as you complete each exam. This ensures that you always have study materials at hand.

Read on to get an idea of what the course structure resembles.

Unit 1

Learning Strategies
The advantages of learning at home; types of study materials; types of examinations; accessing and using the features of our website; determining what kind of learner you are; establishing a study schedule; using study tips; preparing for and taking examinations.

Getting Started in the Firearms Industry
The firearms trade and its functions; definition of a Gunsmith; career opportunities; government licensing safety; personal safety; liability insurance; gunsmithing tools and their uses; basic firearm disassembly/assembly procedures.

Unit 2

Identifying and Evaluating Firearms
Methods of identifying firearms; ways of identifying caliber; ensuring that a firearm is safe to shoot; how to use the Internet to identify firearms.

Gun Stocks
The function and design of gun stock; recognizing materials used in making gun stocks; steps for inletting and finishing gun stocks; Urethanes and Polyurethanes used for stock finishes; stock duplicators; repairing stocks.

Customizing Gun Stocks
Glass bedding; checkering; stippling; carving a gun stock; installing recoil pads and buttplates.
Practical Exercise

  • Cartridge Wall Chart
  • Using a Micrometer
  • Applying for Your Federal Firearms License
  • Firearms Glossary
  • Modern Gun Values

Unit 3


A short history of rifle development; the design and functions of various types of rifles; the repair and modification of different types of rifles; re-barrel safety; headspacing; go gages and no-go gages.

Modern Sporting Rifles

The roles of the modern sporting rifle in civilian life and armed forces; care, cleaning, and maintenance; disassembly and assembly; troubleshooting.


Design, function, and installation of metallic rifle sights, handgun sights, shotgun beads, and optical sights; laser bore sighting; sighting rifles and pistols; altering bolts for scope mounting; installing new safeties; mounting scopes.
Practical Exercise

  • Customizing Rifles
  • Firearms Record Book
  • Gunsmith’s Tool and Supply Catalog

Unit 4

A short history of shotguns and their development; choke installation and modification; rib installation and repair.


History of muzzleloaders; loading and firing procedures; equipment and accessories; troubleshooting and repair; custom-building kits and accessories.
Practical Exercise

  • Customizing Shotguns
  • Gun Parts Catalog

Unit 5

A short history of handguns; identifying handguns; revolvers; single shot/specialty pistols.

Ammunition, Reloading, and Basic Ballistics

Basic ballistics; reloading tools and their uses; reloading procedures; bullet casting procedures.
Practical Exercise

  • Customizing Handguns
  • Firearms Assembly: The NRA Guide to Pistols and Revolvers
  • Firearms Assembly: The NRA Guide to Rifles and Shotguns
  • Parts, Services, and Suppliers’ Listing
  • Reloading Manual
  • Smith & Wesson® Wall Chart

Unit 6

Basic Metalwork and Machine Tool Operation
Basic metallurgy; overview of the welding process; soldering; brazing, heat treatment techniques.

Metal Finishing

Various types of metal finishes; metal preparation; instructions for metal finishing; touch-up blueing; electric counter mounted buffers; modern gun coating spray application finishes.

Starting Your Own Business

Establishing a retail gun business; sales and services; types of ownership; licensing requirements; seasonal issues; Internet auction sales sites.

  • Drill and Tap Wall Chart

Online Library and Librarian
All students of this course can access the online library as long as they are taking part in the program. This library is useful both for research related to course work or as a source to access general information and a provider of further sites that can offer more information. This library comprises useful assistance to enable research, and has articles, essays, lots of accurate data, books, and Internet links. Additionally, students can approach the librarian for answers to questions pertaining to commonly researched subjects by email. The librarian also assists in the research activities of students.

We retain the right to change program content and materials when required.

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